Ordering, preparing and shipping

Ordering, preparing and shipping

The Earth is turning two laps every day. All is going too much quick. Yesterday is tomorrow. Everybody wants more time. Quick, fast, speed, come on, come on,… We have talked with mother nature and we have done a purpose to her: ordering, preparing, and shipping for act aligned with our values and principles, slowfashion and enjoy the true speed of Earth: 365 days/4 stations. Finally, she said YES !!!. We produce the sitio four times a year for respect to the best universally known Planet.

1. Ordering

The first two months (60 days) are for recollect ordering from Dressing your sitio on Planet Earth. Each the sitio is a special, unique, personal and non-transferable piece of clothing.

2. Preparing

After Ordering, start Preparing. Thirty days (30 days) for prepare your the sitio and all orders collected. While Preparing is running, the shop will be closed.

3. Shipping

When Preparing month is finished will be the moment for sending all orders around the world coinciding with the change season day, at the same hour from sitio® headquarter: –22th March, 22nd June, 22nd September, 22nd December*-.
(*) In December all the sitio will are sent before, for arrive for Christmas.

“Yes! We spend 90 days to create your special piece of clothing”